Friday, June 7, 2013

Still Dreary But They're Promising Sun

I'm of the "oh, yeah?" school on the whole sunshine thing today.  The clouds are just too thick and rainy-looking but we're still planning to toodle up to Door Co. for a bit of back road driving, cheese curd eating, lake gazing, trail hiking, and Joe Rouer's burger chomping (there will be fried onions involved).  Also we just need to drive away together for a day, we both feel like we need to GET OUT.  Ahem, sorry about that, but the need is great.  We will be home in time for me to go to Friday Night Knitting too.  MW and LC won't be there so I have to go, there're only 5 of us regulars left.  (oh, I need to stick a 60 watt bulb in my bag for one of the table lamps, can't forget)

I got a bag of Miracle Gro soil that hold moisture for the upside down planter that Durwood bought to plant our peppers in.  I'm not sure it'll work and I'm not sure I've got a crook strong enough to hold the bag full of soil but I'm willing to try it.  I'm thinking I'll get it planted tomorrow when it isn't supposed to be rainy.  There will be reports and probably pictures.

Both of Durwood's docs said he's doing fine for an old guy so I get to keep him for at least the next 6 months.  That's a good thing; he cooks.

June 7--Egypt, Inlay Depicting "Horus of Gold".  The falcon fell like an arrow shot to earth.  The midwinter sun blinded Tali as he stood with his arm outstretched.  He hoped his father would think that he shook from excitement.  The tears he felt coursing down his cheeks surely came from the fierce sunlight.  No son of Ali would be afraid that the razor-sharp talons of the hunting bird would pierce his skin through the leather glove.  Tali kept reminding himself that generations of men had hunted with falcons.  He was certain they too had been afraid at the start.  The cry of Sheera as she hurtled out of the sky toward a quail made his skin crawl and his blood run cold.  "Hold your arm," his father barked.

Gah, I should have gone to get my nails done yesterday afternoon.  They're so long they're making typos.  (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it)  Enjoy your day, it's granola time.

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