Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm Going Diving...

and you're not (can you hear the sing-song, nyah-nyah 9 year old? I know you can), unless you are, then I hope you have fun.  I got my gear packed and hauled upstairs yesterday afternoon.  I even remembered to put my regulator on my tanks to double check that they're full (of course they're full, I filled them).  I have to rinse the grapes I got and clip them into serving size bunches.  And I put a couple G2 Gatorades in the fridge so I'll have something to drink in addition to the water that lives in the car.  I'm meeting Mrs. Boss at Gill's Rock for a couple dives in the afternoon.  I don't know if anyone's coming to join us but we decided that we're going even if no one else signs up.  Better make sure I have a $5 bill to give her for my share of the snacks.

I spent the afternoon making a valance for DS & DIL1's kitchen window.  It was nice to be down in the sewing studio, measuring and cutting and sewing.  I also divied up the thread I got from Mom when I took her doll room apart.  DD's sewing costumes this summer for DIL2's musical and can always use more colors.  I got out a box that wasn't big enough.  Oh, it held all the thread but it was full to the tippy-top and I need to be able to close it to mail it.  *d'oh*  I was astonished again at the great volume of thread Mom had, and there's more in a different place, serger cones not spools of thread, but still it's a lot.

June 30 (it's the last day of June--already!)--American, Needlework Picture.  It took Gemma most of two winters to embroider the picture.  Once her day's chores were done she sat on a stool by the fire with her sewing basket at her side.  She was very proud of her sewing basket.  Mrs. Linney had made the basket and Mama had lined it with calico from an old dress so that none of the threads snagged on the willow splats.  Her grandmother had left Gemma two needles in a silk packet and her silver thimble.  For her twelfth birthday Uncle Abraham had given her a pair of small silver scissors shaped like swans.

Well, I need to wrench myself away from endlessly describing a setting and get to the ACTION one of these days, although I don't know what action can happen to a young lady sitting embroidering by the fire.  I'll think of something for tonight.  Time to go get some breakfast and watch CBS Sunday Morning in about 3 minutes.  Going diving!

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Aunt B said...

Hope you had fun down there under the water. Soooooo much water falling on us these days. Pouring outside right now!