Thursday, September 15, 2011


While we were sleeping night before last autumn blew in with the smoke from the Boundary Waters fire. The weekend was lovely and warm, perfect September weather, Monday was like that too. Then came Tuesday with temps in the high 60s. Still not bad but it was cold enough Tuesday night that I took the cotton blanket off the bed and put the thick electric (for Durwood) one back on. Yesterday was nice and sunny with temps in the mid-60s. Last night I was happy to have the window only open a slit and the warm blanket on. I feel like Dorothy, "things come and go so quickly here." I'm sad to say that I'm wearing jeans capris, a long sleeved tee, and a cardi to work today. Good grief. I did perform a bit of retail therapy yesterday. After my back cracker appointment I went to Walmart where I purchased 3 pairs of denim jeans capris, 2 long sleeved tees, and a red gauze clearance top. I spent about $50 and feel worlds better. I'm wearing all new clothes today (except socks and undies) and feel like a new woman. Very cheap therapy. Plus I look goood.

September 14--Switzerland, Fragment of a Tapestry. Julia sat in the library bent over her embroidery. Chloe and Meg were giggling about feet, something that seven-year-olds found funny. Julia was ten and she no longer found smelly body parts amusing. She wished that they would either hush up or that Aunt Minerva would come in and hush them with her look. Julia had tried a look. She thought it went rather well but Chloe and Meg only laughed harder. She gripped her needle tight and concentrated on making small, even stitches. Her hands were getting sweaty and she bent so low over the linen in her embroidery hoop that her nose nearly touched it. She was stitching a beautiful griffin in a field of flowers with a red cardinal in a nearby tree. She had worked hard on her sampler to get to embroider this special design. What if Aunt Minerva thought that she should have kept the littler girls on task? What if she make Julia go back to cross-stitching samplers? Tears filled her eyes and she blinked them away as the door to the hall creaked open.

Dun-dun-dun. I wish I was sitting in a sunny library embroidering instead of going to sit in the dive shop today. Oh well. Gotta run. Cheers!

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Aunt B said...

Retail Therapy!!! And you don't even need a prescription! The change of season demands a couple of replacement outfits -- AND -- there's always good stuff on sale. I bought three pairs of shoes the other day -- all for $37! Don't you love it when the receipt prints out "You saved $103 today." I felt like cruising the store for even more bargains just to spend that $103 -- but I restrained myself.