Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Monday Again, Isn't It?

Where does the time go? I know I complain about this too often but really, days just whiz by and I feel kind of dizzied by it all. I look forward to something, like going to the Quilt Expo with Skully and Cookie and the day comes, we have a long (2 1/2 hr.) drive each way, spend the whole day at the Expo, in yarn shops, bead stores, and outlet stores, and still it seems like it barely happened. It's only because my wallet is thinner and I have a bag of fabric pieces and a few new clothes that I am sure that it did happen. I need to find where the speed control is on my carburetor or something and dial it back to a more manageable speed. Durwood and I are both looking forward to having the cable guy come tomorrow to hook up our TVs to digital cable and give us (well, rent us) boxes so we can DVR shows that we don't want to miss. Just like real grown-ups! Even Mom has that and she's old. Really old, not just semi-old like Durwood, or old-ish like me but certifiably old. Not that she's taking old lying down, you understand, she still plays bridge eleventy-seven times a week and sews American Girl doll clothes to sell, she gets a couple cooking mags and makes herself all sorts of delish food that she freezes so she's not forced to eat the same crap day after day. You'd never know by looking at her that she's 83, even with that oxygen she has to drag around all the time. I have a cool mom, everyone says so.

September 11--Byzantine, Silver Plate.
David slew the giant Goliath they taught in Sunday School but David Reed wondered why all the grownups thought that was a good thing when he got into so much trouble for fighting. He wasn't very big, he was shorter than most of the girls in fourth grade and most of the girls were smaller than most of the fourth grade boys. Being small had never stopped him from defending himself. He might be small but he was fierce and he was fast. More than one budding bully had tried to push David around but he stood his ground and he gave as good as he got, sometimes he gave even better. His mom wasn't pleased when he came home dirty and scuffed up with a torn short or pants but he heard his dad brag about how tough his son was. David bet that the Bible David's dad bragged on him down at his shop too.

Kids, ya gotta love 'em. Unfortunately, I have to go to work. See ya.

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Aunt B said...

Love that pix of Maralee. And you're right -- she's an amazing woman with all she does! But then you certainly do a lot of stuff too -- (even for an "oldish" woman)!