Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not How I Planned To Start My Day

I had to, HAD to get up on time this morning so I can not take my pills or eat my breakfast then go to the clinic to have blood drawn. I asked when I made my appointment if I should fast before and she said, "oh they'll tell you when you're here." I should have fasted even though my appt. was for 1:30 PM because now I have to leap up and go over there before work today. Pi$$es me right off. No more complaining, I need to get this posted and get on the stick.

September 20--Bartolo di Fredi, The Adoration of the Shepherds. It was hot in there. Hot and airless. She felt like screaming with the closeness and the proximity of the innkeeper's cow and donkey. It was bad enough that they had to travel all that way when she was so near her time but then to get to Bethlehem and have nowhere to stay. It took all her self-control not to scream at Joe when they'd gone right through the town without finding a room. Thank god at the last place they stopped the wife of the innkeeper made him let them stay in the barn. She had children of her own and she could see how tired and travel-worn the pregnant girl was. "They marry these children to old men these days. It's a shame," the wife said as she wrapped up some bread and honey to take out there. By then the babe was born, a fine big boy. The mother wrapped him in clean swaddling and laid him in an empty manger. Just then the barn door opened and two men, shepherds by the look of them, slipped in. "There's no room," said Joe, "and my wife's just given birth." The younger one slid off his hood and said, "Can we see the babe?" Both mens' eyes shifted to the manger and Mary's tired form. The older one spoke. "Angels came to us." "Have you been drinking?" Joe asked. "No, sir," they chorused, "no. Angels appeared and they were singing. They sent us here to see the Son of God. Is the babe the Son of God?" Joe started to shake his head and try to get rid of them but Mary raised her head, her eyes burning with a zealot's light. "Yes," she said, uncovering the baby, "my Joshua is the Son of God." Joe stood dumbfounded as if he'd never seen her before.

Okay. Time to go bleed. See ya.

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