Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mrs. Boss called yesterday saying that she could work today so I could have an extra day off this week. Yay! I made a chiro appointment for this morning, practiced a bit of retail therapy at Walmart, then came home and rejoined Weight Watchers Online so I can access their tracker and recipe finder features. WW has a promo right now that you get a free month if you pay for 3, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. Once I have lunch I plan to carry all the canning inheritance boxes downstairs and then stay down there to play with yarn and fabric. It's like a free day!

September 13--Louis-Remy Robert, Alfred Thompson Gobert. He sat there squinting into the light as the world changed around him. Alf was so focused on his inner voices, the Greek chorus that acted like a steering mechanism as he moved through his days. Once long ago he was an outgoing man, open to the world and all its enticements. Then the voices got louder and his senses turned in, pulled his focus so that he careened into people and stepped off curbs into the paths of buses. Lately he had taken to muttering as he walked along and his fingers were never still. They plucked at his garments and smoothed his hair, dusting off imaginary creatures and calming his hair demons.

I think I saw him in Walmart this morning. Eek. Time for a grilled veggie wrap for lunch.

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