Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Excited For So Many Reasons...

Most of all that it's Thursday which is my last day to work this week. I love having 3-day weekends. Tomorrow I walk with Dusty & Maggie, Julie & Aragon, Porter in the morning, our friend Cookie's having a knee replaced (so she'll be able to geocache and go on walks with us when she's healed up--and have a whole lot less pain) and then it's Friday Night Knitting Circle in the evening. Saturday I was supposed to go to Mom's with Dusty to empty out, reorganize, and restock Mom's doll room but a friend of ours passed away yesterday and the funeral's on Saturday. I am not excited for that, of course, but I am glad that Tom's family doesn't have to watch him fail any longer. Sunday is going to be a fun and busy day--I get a haircut in the morning (always a good thing), DS & DIL1 are having a housewarming open house in the afternoon (and I finally get to gift them with the egg-collecting apron I made), and in the evening is the last Suds & Cinema at Titletown Brewing. The movie is The Goonies. The Goonies! Who doesn't love that movie?? I can't wait. It's been so much fun this summer going down to Titletown Brewing to sit out under the canopy on Sunday nights to watch 1980s movies. I take my knitting, order a root beer and some sweet potato fries and watch. It's lovely.

September 21--Joachim Tielke, Cittern. Black and white. So few things in life are black and white. Harly wished it was that easy. She had tripped over the gray in-betweens her whole life. In grade school the nuns had the lock on black and white. Ha, that was funny, wasn't it? Black and white. The priest was nearly all black except for that little Chicklet of white on his collar. They were all perfect and she spent a lot of her days writing lines and praying penance for all the times she broke the rules. She asked Sister Mary Jane if it was all gray in Purgatory since she figured Heaven was white and Hell was black. She never got an answer, she just got punished for saying Hell.

I could have gone on but sleep was overtaking me rather quickly. Send good knee replacement vibes to my friend Cookie. I guess I should go at least pretend to work.

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