Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Red Leaves, Less Dog Hair

And that's just fine with me. I'm happy to be off work today--so I can get my oil changed, mow the lawn, and clean out my colon for my first-ever colonoscopy tomorrow. Aren't you thrilled to know that? (Hey, I just blurp out whatever's rolling around in my brain on here every morning so you get what you get.) I managed to avoid getting one in my 50th year but at my check up last week Dr. Magnin gave me "that look" so I caved and let her nurse make an appointment. The good news is that on Saturday Durwood and I are packing up our old kit bags--and his oxygen paraphernalia and my knitting and writing stuff--and heading out to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to enjoy the fall colors and spend some time together away from home. We both need the break since we didn't get to go to Yellowstone in August due to his nasty, all-summer-long bout with pneumonia. I'm calling next week a consolation prize. I fully intend to be consoled spending long hours gazing at gorgeous scenery, walking along the Lake Superior shoreline, and listening to the corny jokes and puns of my beloved. I can't wait.

September 28--Turkey, Textile Fragment. Lila ran her finger down the gold lines in the cloth over and over. Nana Mary's curtains were her favorite. The vivid red and gold design of flowers, leaves, and vines flowed over the fabric in a rhythm like water flowing or music. When the windows were open and the breeze made the curtains dance it looked to her as if they were alive. She told Nana Mary that she wanted a dress made out of the same fabric and Nana Mary and Mama called her "Scarlett" for one whole summer. She couldn't figure out why, but they both chuckled when they said it.

Okay, that's it for you. I'm off to have my oil changed. And it better not be raining when I get back (even though it looks like it might be) because I need to mow before we go. Dudes.

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Aunt B said...

Have a wonderful time gazing at the beauty of the UP. So glad you get this little consolation-prize trip. You deserve it!