Friday, September 2, 2011

Survived It

I'm hanging on at 60 + 1 day. I have plenty of proof that people go on to have full, even productive, lives after they turn 60 so I'm confident that I'll triumph. Tomorrow Cookie, Skully, and I are going to the Two Rivers Kite festival in the afternoon and I can't wait. We're having a thunderstorm right now so I'm glad it's getting it out of its system so it'll not be raining when we want to be outside flying and watching kites. Another thing that's happening tomorrow but in Sturgeon Bay is tagging Monarch butterflies. We'd like to do that too, even Mom wants to do that, but we've already made plans for the day so we'll put that on the calendar for next September. It said in the paper the other day that they'd be tagging butterflies at the GB Botanical Gardens on Sunday so I called for info but it was a misprint. Dang. Next year. DS & DIL1 have invited this week's 2 birthday girls (Mom & me) and Durwood over for supper on Sunday. We'll get to meet the new grand-dog, Porter, and see how Henny & Penny, the grand-chickens, like their new sister. It's all girl pets at their house. DS is the lone male but he can handle a houseful of females, after all, he survived growing up with me as his mother. Toughened him right up.

September 1--Jackson Pollock, Pasiphae. Like trying to follow someone through thick woods, Leann would catch a line that looked like something familiar but then it would veer off into... into chaos. Horse? No. Guitar? Half and half. A hand and arm became a clarinet became legs became a beaker. She shifted and squinted, got closer, then farther away. She liked it, she did. She liked the colors and the lines. It was hard to explain or describe. She wished that she could talk to Jackson Pollock about it. The painting made her feel the same way she felt when she and Paul rode his motorcycle on the roads up in the woods--free. That's it. The painting made her feel free.

I think that's the first time I really looked at a Pollock. I wished it was bigger so I could see it better. I'm off to shower away the morning walk sweat and get ready to meet for lunch.

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