Sunday, September 25, 2011


Not very promising for an outdoor housewarming party but it'll be okay. We could use a beautiful day to perk us all up, this string of drear is not conducive to keeping a good thought. I sewed up a few easy totes yesterday afternoon. It was nice to sit in the basement on a cloudy day with my iPod telling me a story, and play with bright fabrics. See? Each side is different and I used up about half of the upholstery fabric scraps I junk picked from some fabric someone gave to Mom before donating it to Goodwill for her. I'm trying to knit and sew from stash these days. I'm having better luck with knitting because I have way more yarn than fabric but if I only have to buy notions for a while, like more webbing for handles or interfacing, I'll be happy. Hmm, I could make handles out of fabric, couldn't I. And I'm thinking I need to make a bunch of those car trash bags this fall too. They're very easy to make and I like the way they look. I could spend all day down there playing with fabric, yarn, and all the patterns but I won't. We get to go to the kids' house, play with Porter the dog, talk to Henny & Penny trying to make friends, and eat yummy party foods. I'll gladly give up crafting for that. Oh, I just remembered, I want to make "invitations" for my first monthly Family Sunday Supper today too. When we had Mom's and my birthday supper and DS & DIL1's earlier this month I really enjoyed it and I realized that it had been a while since we'd seen DIL1's parents. So I thought maybe we should meet once a month for Sunday supper, the hosts making the main course, and the others bringing sides. Not fancy, not formal, just a couple hours of conversation and connecting. Everyone agreed, so I've picked a date and will get the ball rolling with a mailing this week.

September 24--Isabel Canovas, Shoe. Fashion takes itself too seriously, Isabel thought when she was fourteen. She watched the news to see what had come down the runway in Milan, Tokyo, New York, and of course Paris. She understood now that the runway fashions only peripherally related to everyday wear but the silk banana peel shoes she had made in her Construction Class were different. They were stylish, amusing, and functional. Hopefully the teacher would agree.

I stayed up too late. I meant to write more. I was tired. Forgive me.

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