Friday, September 16, 2011

I Can't Believe It's Friday and I Have to Work

I don't really mind, it's just that it's rare that I work on a Friday so my old-ish brain's a bit kerfluffled. I have a new red gauze top to wear with my khakis and khaki linen cardi today, and I'm wearing my skull and crossbones bracelet (along with a couple others because one bracelet's never enough) so I am not only cute but cool. (I'm such a dork.) I was putting my knitting in a different bag since I want to take some extra stuff along to knitting tonight to get some help from Z-Dawg, the yarn whisperer, and I found a fiver in my flamingo bag. Yahoo! There's nothing like a spot of cash to brighten up a morning. We get to rescue our grand-dog Porter from the kennel on Sunday because DS & DIL1 are off to MN and won't be home before it closes that afternoon. I'll finally get to take her on a walk. What's on your slate for the weekend? And I really want an answer.

September 15--Anthony van Dyck, Saint Rosalie Interceding for the Plague-Stricken of Palermo. "Religion and allegory, that's all they painted," Rosie said. She shook her head at the long gallery filled with dark and dreary paintings. "Don't forget the portraits of ugly sourpusses," said her sister Ruthie, "there's plenty of them. There must have been a shortage of combs. These guys have seriously bad hair." Their brother Roger snorted. "They probably had lice, you know, and cooties and industrial strength b.o." "Ew," the girls said together. "How can you know such stuff?" Ruthie asked. "Well," Roger said, "they only had a few clothes and either brushed off the dirt or aired things out, and people rarely took baths. They thought it was sinful and bad for their skin." It was a very unusual discussion about the art, the docent thought, but insightful too.

Art, don't you love it? I'm off in search of some cat treats to entice Porter to walk with me. See ya.


Ann said...

Why are you getting cat treats for the dog?

Aunt B said...

OK, you asked for it. We're kinda chilly down here too but that isn't going to stop me from attending an art and craft show at Poplar Grove Plantation just up the highway from us. Wish you were here to go with me. Also picking up a book on hold at the library -- "To The Bird House" -- by Cathleen Schine. I've read her before and like her easy reading style. Taking a little break from my summer marathon of "Prey" books.

Aunt B said...

P.S. I think dogs love cat treats. Maybe it's like forbidden fruit!

Barbara said...

Ann, you probably don't remember but Dad used to get cat food samples to use as Taejon treats.

Aunt B, I'd love to go to the art and craft show with you today but don't think I'd make it in time.