Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well, Dammit

It was gray and very overcast and a bit rainy yesterday so Skully and Cookie called off our kite adventure. I wanted to go anyway, thinking that someone'd be flying kites and we could watch or fly and come home if it was too bad but they said no. Yesterday I was furious about it, today I'm just bummed, mostly because it's partly sunny today. Geez, why couldn't it have been like this yesterday? I'd been looking forward to yesterday for months. Months! We knitted for the afternoon but I gotta tell you, knitting in Cookie's living room can't hold a candle to being on a Lake Michigan beach flying a kite or watching stunt kites. So that's why you didn't hear from me yesterday, I was in a pout or snit or a bad mood--probably all three at once--plus I wrote jack Friday night. (And why does my cursor keep jumping away from where I'm typing???? It has always done it so I know it isn't a virus. I try resetting the mouse settings but nothing changes and when I'm already in a crap mood I don't need the cursor disappearing for no apparent reason. $#%@&!)

September 3--Mesopotamia, Administrative Tablet with Cylinder Seal Impression of a Male Figure, Hunting Dogs, and Boars. I can just see him, can't you? All officious in his pristine robes of yellow or maybe green, looking over cargo or a delivery and rolling his seal over wet plaster to certify its receipt. I wonder if the figures of the seal refer to his name or his job. His surname might be Hunter or perhaps Bowman. Maybe he once killed a big wild boar when he was hunting with dogs. Or it might have nothing to do with him at all, just the next cylinder seal in the row in the central office.

There. Now I'm going to go eat fruit. When I'm frustrated I eat. I'm trying to eat better things instead of a bag of Dove Promises or a quart of ice cream. Not that I have those things in the house. (the dove promises are almost gone, and i've had the bag for nearly a week, i think that's pretty good actually)

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