Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Eagles Soar

My knitting friend, Dusty, and I went walking on a newly discovered (by us) trail out by the bay. It's a Nature Area so the trail isn't paved and the only "amenity" is a green painted wooden bench about 100 yds. down the first part of the trail, oh yeah, and a parking lot. Walking out we saw lots of Redwing blackbirds and robins, and a flight of 8 white pelicans. We even got to climb over a gigantic tree that had fallen across the trail in the last week's wind (we assume). On the way back we saw a pair of bald eagles soaring way way way up high but I saw their white heads and tails so I'm sure that's what they were. It was harder than walking on the paved Fox River trail but it was a wonderful walk out away from civilization. An excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We were both so glad I found it.

May 1--Sidemen, Bali. The sun reflected off the surface of the water in the rice paddies. Rae knew that frogs and snakes lived in that water, she had seen them, not too close up, but the water was so still that it didn't look real. Tucked into the river valley like they were, the capricious tropical storms blew past for the most part. Rae was convinced that the suffocatingly thick humidity made the valley air so dense that the wind couldn't move it. Sure, storms blew in lashing at the trees and ruffling the water in the paddies but most of the time it was so still she almost felt like she was growing mold on her skin.

Now that's humid. Make the most of the rest of your day!

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