Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Feels Odd

...to be at work today, but I'm managing. I did meet Dusty and Julie this morning for our walk and was just about on time to open the store (only 2 minutes late, shhh, don't tell Mrs. Boss), so that was good. I was full of energy when I woke up this morning, don't know why. I dusted the living room, took the bay leaf bush, the primroses, and the boot planters outside, hung up the hummingbird and oriole feeders (here, birdiebirdiebirdie!), and still had time to eat before driving to the trail to walk. Today there were five goslings and a whole host of pelicans waaaay up high. Tres cool.

May 3--Oahu, Hawaii. The wind was always blowing. There was the constant clatter of palm fronds tossing and the low hiss of shifting sand. With the sounds of the sea in the background Leah thought she might go mad. At night as she lay in bed, the day's heat creaked as it left the wooden house and the night insects and frogs set up a buzzing, cheeping chorus that was an entirely new level of crazy-making. If she kept moving it was better, running the little vacuum over the tiled floors was the best defense, even if there wasn't any dirt to suck up. She had worn out two iPods and another off-brand mp3 player playing books night and day. Not music. The regular rhythms of music made it worse. The loud wind in the trees and the sea sounds would coordinate themselves with whatever music she chose until the notes clogged her veins, paralyzing her. No, words were what she needed, nice solid words, hired voices piped directly into her jangled brain via candy-colored earbuds that she bought by the cartload at the local electronics superstore.

And you thought the sound of the wind in the trees was soothing, didn't you?

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