Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Slugs

We've sat most of the day visiting with each other and doing nothing. It's been sort of refreshing not to have to zoom around accomplishing things. Tonight we're taking Mom out for supper at Tony Roma's. Mmm, barbecued ribs and that cornmeal pudding stuff. Mmm. Bye-bye diet--for tonight anyway. I've been taking the week off eating a lot of the wrong things, but I'll get back on track pretty soon. Monday probably.

We have a white cedar Adirondack chair on the patio and the local wasps and hornets come and munch off little strips off the gray surface of it to make their nests. It's very disconcerting to be the one sitting in it when they're coming around because you think that they're trying to attack you, but they're not. We were wondering if there's something to put on the wood to discourage them. Anybody got a clue?

May 7--Martinique. The mist was all wrong. Laurel expected to smell pines and to feel the cool of early morning in the north woods of her Midwestern home town. Instead there was the salt tang in the air and the warm promise of daytime heat rising to near ninety. She set her alarm to wake her in the early morning. She had come to crave being up and out on the beach to witness the sunrise. Her creativity seemed to grow with the light and she would pause in her walk along the beach to scribble ideas on index cards that she folded around a golf pencil and tucked into her pocket.

Sorry it's so short, I was very tired last night and could barely keep my eyes open to write.

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