Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My sunburn woke me up this morning. I don't like that, not one bit. I do have to be up anyway since I'm meeting Dusty and Julie to walk before it reaches ceramic firing temps again today. I'd like to order more moderate weather please, with a side of nighttime rain once I get my garden planted later today. Naturally I'll be frying while I do it, but this time I'm going to be smart enough to wear a shirt over my already burnt skin. See? I can learn. It just takes a few tries.

May 24--Pinney's Beach, Nevis. "Ya, mon, de coconut is de fruit of da gods." The rich laugh that followed those words rolled over the golden sand of the most perfect beach I'd yet been on. It was a relief to be on solid ground after a week on a bucking windjammer. We had jumped ship on Nevis after a storm-tossed week and rented a two room bungalow in the sea grapes just off the sand of Pinney's Beach. The view of St. Kitts from our screened porch was postcard perfect. Milo who ran the beach bar just down the way had long dreadlocks that he wore piled into a Rasta had and a perpetual grin. His warm, deep voice drew the ladies like bees to honey and his infectious laugh never failed to lift my spirits when it rolled up the beach. We spent our mornings out on the reef diving to explore the mysteries of the sea and the afternoons making sure that our lounge chairs were firmly anchored in the sand. I whiled away the weekend wondering if Milo needed a barmaid.

I could spend the next month on Pinney's Beach. Been there, loved that.

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