Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We got the plants bought (nearly frying our brains in the afternoon sun) and (intelligently) waited until close to sundown to plant. Durwood showed admirable restraint and only bought 6 (six!) tomato plants. Good job, Dear! I bought a little 3-pack of celery plants. I've never grown it and want to see if I can. The cilantro almost expired (already!) but I saved it with a big drink of water. Hmm, maybe that's the problem, it's thirstier than the rest of the herbs. I'll keep an eye on it. Do you garden?

May 25--Kujuku Islands, Japan. Nina bent over the map, a look of fierce concentration on her face. "Ninety-nine," she took a breath and her hand froze in mid-air, "one hundred." A grown pulled down her dark brows and she shook her head. Kujuku comes from the Japanese word for "99" and there are way more than ninety-nine islands in the group, way more. Someone a long time ago must have looked at the big group of small islands and made a guess. "Too lazy to count," she said to the empty workroom, "and no one ever argued that there had to be more. Amazing." She had a vivid picture of a child counting "another and another," once he got past ninety the concept of more than one hundred was just too many to contemplate. Ninety-nine was a plenty big number, no need to keep counting.

What? I was hot, tired, and fried-brained last night when I lay down to do this. It's more than I expected and I kind of like it. So there.

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