Monday, May 3, 2010

Sore Feet

That's what I have from my walk on the unpaved trail, but I don't mind because it tells me that I've been up and about not parked on my duff all weekend. I do think I'll change out of my cute shoes into some tennis shoes though, just to give my calves and feet a break today. I want to wear the cute shoes though, I really do, but walking down the hall helped me change my mind. And I have to quit whining and get this writing posted so I can go off to work; it's payday today, you know.

May 2--Sidemen, Bali. This was where the three rivers came together. This was where the water from three different mountains mixed. Protected by the looming black green peaks the valley was a place of peace. Loa lived with her granny by the north river just above where it forced its way through the tumbled boulders from a long ago earthquake. Their small patch of fertile soil let them grow a little taro and vegetables, but their focus was on the rice paddy just above their stilt house in the open sunlight. Each day before dawn Granny stoked the fire, letting the smoke chase away the night bugs and send the little geckos skittering noisily deep into the thatch. She would prod Loa with her foot as she left to visit the privy so that by the time she climbed the ladder the tea was on the boil and there was enough bread and cold rice with a bit of fish to keep hunger at bay while they worked the morning away.

Not much story but nice setting up, I think. I'll come back to this.

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