Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To my mom, to me, and all the moms out there in blog-land. Most of the time being a mom is the coolest thing I could ever imagine being. Our kids have gone to visit her mom before driving back to MKE where they'll catch their flight back to Spokane, then drive tomorrow morning back to Missoula, to pack up their stuff into a big U-Haul (which her parents have begged to be allowed to fly out and drive back) and move home in 3 weeks to save up so they can buy a house. DS is very excited about the job change too. Right now he's brewing big batches of beer for Big Sky Brewing where he isn't involved in every step, but his first love is making the beer from beginning (even writing some of his own recipes) to end and the job at Titletown will let him do that. Plus he'll be working normal hours and be able to have an actual life. And they'll live within striking distance of both parents' houses for free laundry and meals. What's not to love? I think my favorite part of the visit was that we got the lion's share of time with the kids. Usually it's the wife's family that they spend more time with, and most of the time I'm good with that. I mean I'm the mom of the husband and I totally understand that traditionally we get the shorter end of the stick, but this time, this one time we got to see them more because of their short visit and the need to see as many places as possible in that limited time. We're all looking forward to being able to spend more time with them when they live here. It's all good.

May 8--Santa Rose Island, Florida. Two lengths of fencing stand parallel making a path across the sand dunes from the parking lot with its acres of cracked asphalt and ranks of cars glinting in the sun to the beach where the occupants of the cars bask and bake. Noise and heat rule either end of the path but in between those fragile pickets it's different, quiet. One hundred transitional yard where the breeze cools overheated skin and the sound of the waving grasses soothes away cares.

Sorry it's another short writing but again I was very tired and could barely stay awake to write. Now that the kids have left I promise I'll go to bed earlier with more time and energy to write. I promise.

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