Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Submit, Already!

Thanks to Barbara's catching enthusiasm, I've submitted 4 stories to 5 places this week, plus I finally got around to listening to "This Little Piggy" on the Liars' League site. Liars' League is a group in London that engages actors to do dramatic readings of stories once a month. I would have loved to be at the event, especially since for the February one (when my story was read), in honor of Valentine's Day they would have set you up with a date. But alas, London is just too far away. Anyway, the link for the story (Jennifer, are you still around? I know you asked for this a few times) is:

When I was looking for places to submit some stories, I found that Mid-America Review has a contest for prose poems, short shorts (flash), and anything in between. The word limit is 500, but you can submit up to 3 on one entry fee (of $10). If anyone's interested, the deadline is fast approaching on June 1st. I don't know if I have anything of that length ready to go, but I'm going to take a look through my files! Guidelines are available at:

See everyone but Barbara tomorrow!

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