Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, Hell

I spent a lot more time walking, then knitting, then with Durwood on an errand and baking cupcakes than I did on writing stuff yesterday but that's okay. I've got my flashdrive in my pocket and can work on my story at the dive shop today. I'm guessing that the lower temps and general dreariness will afford me plenty of time to edit and rewrite at work. *sigh* I sure do wish we had more customers. More customers makes the day go much faster. But then again, wasn't I just complaining that the days go too fast? Make up your mind, Barbara!

May 11--Ifugao, Philippines. "For the past two thousand years, rice has been planted in the paddies that terrace up the mountains." The droning voice of the tour guide was devoid of inflection. "She could be replaced by a robot, easy," said Clyde to Mabel, not bothering to keep his voice down. We were on the fourth day of a fourteen-day boat and motorcoach tour of the Philippines and if I had to spend one more day listening to Clyde complain about things I was going to snap and end up ripping his tongue off its roller and tossing it out the window. Clyde was one of those people who knew everything there is to know about nearly everything, and a had an opinion about everyone. All knowledge that he doesn't hesitate to share with everyone within earshot. Miss Choi, our guide, already had developed a glazed look whenever she was unfortunate enough to be dealing with him. Mabel seemed to have developed a sort of selective hearing where her husband's trumpeted opinions were concerned. I needed to switch seats with someone so I was farther away from ground zero.


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