Friday, May 7, 2010


Who ordered this? Not me. I'm fine with cool, windy, and sunny; cold, windy, and drizzly with a chance of nighttime snow? That earns an unequivocal "NO." The kids think they've found the perfect apartment but are seeing the last 2 today (just in case one's better), so their visit was successful and that leaves them a couple days to visit and relax, because God knows the rest of their month isn't going to be relaxing what with packing and moving home from Montana in it. I'm not settling down to any writing work to speak of with them here, so I plan to submit one flash today or tomorrow and call it a week. Maybe I'll get DS to read the story I plan to submit next week or maybe I can read it to them tomorrow, hearing it will help me rework it. That counts as writing work too, right? Right.

May 6--Mageroya, Norway. The light turned from yellow to pink and the dark came crowding in from the left. The dark gray rocks were bare and broken in the cold light of the dying autumn. Even the sea lay quietly between the headlands that sliced the North Sea into manageable chunks along this coast. Rolf liked this time of year. He felt the hubbub of the summer, hurrying to make use of the warmth and the light, pass out of everyone, and the calm of the long winter descend. Winter was when he had time with his carving tools, time to tease out from the summer's driftwood the little creatures, the seals and birds, that he sold in the shops and at the market near the quay in summer.

I liked the stark beauty of this northern landscape. Stay warm today.

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