Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's the Opposite of Monogamy?

I am really struggling with Olympic Knitting project monogamy. Evidently I have severe KPADD (Knitting Project Attention Deficit Disorder) so that I've stopped, or really slacked off, knitting on my cardi because it's the only project I've got going. Well, not really, but it's the only one on top of the knitting project heap right now. The rest of the OTNs are big too. I don't have any small, colorful distraction projects going.

Or I didn't until day before yesteday. I linked to Shoveling Ferret's blog through Samurai Knitter's blog for commentary on the Egyptology news clogging the air these days, and while visiting Shoveling Ferret (killing time until my online Revision class started) I scanned her blogroll and found sukigirl who has challenged herself to complete one small craft project (not all yarn-related) every day in February. And on the very first day of the month she crocheted an Ugly Bunny pincushion. It's adorable. In a totally ugly and unlovable way, which is how you want something you plan to shove pins into, right? I was hooked. (Ha! Get it? Hooked? On a crochet project? Oh, nevermind...) So Sunday night I pulled out some variegated yarn and a small hook and started. I got about halfway down the body and realized that it was just too big and this is one project that doesn't benefit from variegated yarn. *gasp* Monday morning before work I frogged it and dug out some solid skein remnants and started the "purse charm" size. It's perfect. I keep running out of yarn colors but I'm just pushing forward with the next color and the next bunny-part. I can see that making these could be addictive.

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telaine said...

He's adorable!! Could you make one for me someday if I give you yarn? :-)