Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The longer it stays gray, overcast, and dreary the lower my mood slides. I feel like, as Bill would say, if I look up whale sh*t looks like stardust. It'll pass, I know it will, but right now I could be perfectly happy eating ice cream, chocolate, and doughnuts, chocolate doughnuts with nuts on top, thank you very much. Oh, and pizza with everything except anchovies and black olives. And I'd drink Coke too, real caffeinated, sugary Coke. I'd never sleep but I'd drink it anyway, and I'd pack on the weight it has taken me 8 months to lose, which would just royally pi$ me off. So I won't. I'll eat my Curried Chicken soup for lunch, my Special K for breakfast, and whatever low-fat, high veggie yumminess Durwood makes for supper. Ooh, maybe we'll have the rest of the Sesame Chicken he made on Monday, that was totally delicious, all soy sauce-y with toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on it. Yum. Just talking about all that food has made me feel a bit better. But now I'm thinking about all the days in a row I have to work for the rest of the month and I'm back in the pits. Even the promise of 2 nice fat paychecks in a row aren't making me feel better, I think I'm past the stage of life where more money takes the place of more time. Don't worry about me, even I think I'm a pain when I whine like this.

February 16--Fyn Island, Denmark. Every time she came this way, her first sight of Egeskov Castle reminded Paula of a Faberge egg. The bicycle path was hemmed in by linden trees overgrown with bittersweet vines so that it was like riding down a green tunnel. Every half-mile or so a port would have been opened up in the wall of greenery so that the leaves framed the view. At one point the distant mountains came into sight, the snows on the peaks bright white in the midsummer sun. She liked the orderly orchard and vineyard showcased along the way but she eagerly anticipated seeing the castle. She pedaled faster the nearer she came, and the sight of it always brought a smile and a sigh for times past.

I was sleepy last night so that's all there was. It does have possibilities, but it isn't very exciting. Oh well, off to work.

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Pam Parker said...

Hope you're winning in the blahs-fight. I've been needing my lightbox lately and walking as much as possible. Sometimes I have to just march to avoid the winter yucks. The days are getting longer -- hang in!!!