Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We got 4.6" of snow before it quit sometime last night and today the new snow is blowing around trying to find the perfect place to land. A bunch of the flakes have banded together to peek over the edge of the roof, to hang like valances which I suspect will fall onto the driveway in the bright sun today. It's bright and sunny and white outside today. The sunshine makes my heart feel lighter.

February 9--Corsica. Giselle stood on the weedy roadside staring up at the rock above her. She was sure it was the lava plug from an old volcano that had eroded away centuries ago. The rock was the dull black of coal; it reminded her of the pile of the black rocks that used to live in the basement and that Dad shoveled into the furnace when she was little. she couldn't have picked a more isolated place for her car to break down. Cell service was spotty in the mountains and there must have been a vein of iron in the area because all she got on her phone when it did work was static. She was resigned to waiting for someone to drive by, someone who would send a tow truck back for her. She was not about to get into just any car with any random person. Despite the bright sunshine the wind up there was sharp and cold. She tugged a pullover out of her bag and put it on, crossing her arms over her midriff to warm up. She heard the sound of an old truck groaning over the top of the hill, its ancient gears protesting as the driver jammed them into place. Oh she hoped the driver would stop and help her.

Kinda lost it there at the end, didn't it? I'll do better next time. Cross my heart.

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