Thursday, February 25, 2010

Island Hopping

In our story (start) today we have left the tropics for the Pacific Northwest. I'm glad. I was getting a little short of tropical ideas. I know, I'm surprised too, but to conjure up a new storyline every day is a trick and to pull out one about the tropics every day is, as Great-grandpa Gerst used to say, "a trick with a hole in it."

The sun is out today. Of course, that means that it's freezing without the cloud cover to keep the "warmth" in (warmth being a relative term in late February in these latitudes), but I do appreciate the light and spiritual lift that it provides.

February 24--Galiano Island, Vancouver, British Columbia. Gavin and Matty spent every day they could out in their kayaks, paddling around the island. Once school was over and their chores were done they would meet at the little dock at Matty's grandpa's place, lift their kayaks off the rack that Grandad had built for them, and take off. Some days they were scouts looking for unfriendly natives, other days they were naturalists looking for fossils, but usually they were just two twelve year olds out on the water enjoying the freedom of paddling. The islands offered little bays for them to explore and rocky beaches where once they saw a bear amble down to scoop up fish. They saw eagles soaring and swooping down to fly away with a silver fish wriggling in its talons. Their favorite times were when the orcas, the killer whales, came in packs to hunt the humpback calves that migrated north with their mothers.

Eh, not the best but it's nice scenery anyway. Stay warm today. Go for a walk.

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