Friday, February 12, 2010


I'm all packed, got my notebooks and pencils (and laptop), a couple albums of underwater pictures to show (as requested), something to read, something to knit, clean undies and my jammies. Oh, and toothbrush. I'm all set to go to Roi's for a weekend playdate.

Last night we had a great writer's group. We critiqued Jennifer's excellent children's story and then Jenny had some terrific exercises for us to do, one of which was the box exercise. In the box exercise you choose Small, Medium or Large and she gives you a box the size that you chose and you have to write about the box or its contents. I don't know if Jenny made it up, but I love the box exercise, even if I don't get a big idea sometimes, there's something delicious about opening a box and exploring the contents. And to top off the evening we played Bananagrams. Altogether an awesome night for writing. Thanks!

February 11--Thira, Santorini. The chairs are set out just so. There are only two of them casting their long shadows on the rough pavement. The sun's rays are filtered and flattened by the mist that rises from the sea in the still air. The ocean is barely rippled like a length of taffeta ready to be cut and sewn into an evening dress. The dark blue of the water gleams golden white with the harsh power of the sun. In an earthenware jug beg enough to hid a child a tortured palm struggles to survive. Blasted by heat and light, tortured by salty and air and too little water, it clings to life with tenacity and hope.

That's it. I must have spent my daily word allotment at writer's and had very little left for the prompt. Once again I am happy just to have written.

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