Friday, February 5, 2010


You know, I was perfectly happy with the 2" of snow we got the other day. It covered the icy, dirty gray snow leftover from previous storms so everything looked fresh. But now it's snowing again, and we just don't need it. It's not even the pretty, big flake snow that makes it look like we live in a calendar, no, it's the little tiny stuff that's nearly invisible and makes the whole world look dreary. Sigh. Be careful what you wish for... It's so true.

To top it all off, I left my sock knitting bag at The Attic cafe and used books where we have our writing group meetings so I have to go there on my way to work. Oh yeah, I have to work again today. That makes 5 days in a row. Now that might not sound like much to the rest of you who work all the time, but I don't work all the time, haven't in years and years, so this stretch of working with only 1 day off a week is just too much. Three days a week, maybe four, and that's plenty, gives me a little paycheck boost. But six days a week? Ptooi. (Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled, but I get to whine just a bit.)

I enjoyed writer's last night. Jenny and Jennifer, I hope you did too. We talked about torturing our characters and then we did it. Twice. Jennifer said that it sounds like I'm writing an hour long TV episode screenplay when I skip over how things happen and go right to the end, like I have to solve the problem in 40 minutes. I think that's very perceptive of you, Jennifer, I'm going to see if I can't write down every pitiful moment of things so I'll have some dross to cut. Thanks again for the insights and discussion. I do like Exercises Nights.

February 4--Rangiroa, Tahiti. Flat, hot, and low on the horizon. The islands of French Polynesia were all three. Brenda sat in the shade on the aft deck of the yacht and started out at the white afternoon light that seared every living thing in sight. She thought about the typhoons that raged across the region, how the waves must pound the low islands, how the tallest waves had to pass right over them, the water scouring the land with sand as it passed. The palm trees stood so still in the midday calm, their fronds made to weather being tossed by the winds and how the coconuts had to fall like bombs. Her iced tea was gone, the cubes melting before her eyes. The heat and humidity robbed her of energy and even breath, making it too much of an effort to even ring for more.

Well, it's time for me to leave and make my way to the dive shop. Gotta keep the world safe from scuba diving! Enjoy your day.

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