Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, here it is Monday again. The weeks sure zip by fast, don't they? I'm happy that I got my story episode written for the Incredibles last night, and I sent it right off to cab so she can quit hounding me. But in a nice way, of course. This week I need to buckle down and get the beginning of my novel rewritten so I can hand it in to Jenny and Jennifer on Thursday, and of course I also have to critique Jennifer's submission. Can't forget that. The mills of writing grind on.

February 7--Pangkor Laus, Malaysia. There is a world there on that little piece of reef below me. I sink below the surface through the shafts of sunlight that painters call God light and enter an alternate universe. Once the residents get used to me being there, and it really doesn't take long, life goes on as usual. The Damselfish tend their little algae gardens, running themselves ragged fending off Tangs and Grunts that drop by for a snack. The male Sergeant Majors dip down and flutter their fins over the patches of deep purple eggs on the side of a coral head that they're tending. A Mantis Shrimp excavates sand and tiny piles of rubble from the hole it shares with its Goby partner. They work together symbiotically for protection and food. And over it all I float, swaying in the slight surge, watching an entire society go about its business in the alien salty world thirty feet underwater.

There. A nice little reef dive to start off your day. Have a good one.

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