Monday, February 1, 2010

Gray and Dreary Monday Morning

Can you tell how excited I am to go to work today? I could very easily spend the day on the couch with my Walkman plugged into my ears and my fingers flitting from one knitting project to the next. I'd take breaks for little snoozes, watch a little TV, and eat delicious and non-fattening foods. Wha... oh, sorry, I must have drifted off.

I think it's time for a little snow. What we have on the ground is dirty and iced over; we need an inch or so just for decorative purposes. And so that the knitters have a chance to go snowshoeing before spring comes. Just a bit of snow, let's not go overboard, 'k?

January 31--Mandraki Harbor, Rhodes, Greece. As the sun neared the horizon it seemed to suck all the air out of the day. The light breeze that had played around her shoulders all day died and Emily felt the heat rise from the ancient stones beneath her feet. Her meetings were starting the next morning; it was her third day on the island and she was finally over her jet lag. She loved the dusty red smell of the air as she walked along the coast where the city opened to the west. The tang of the sea blended with the dry and brittle aroma of the desert that did its best to swallow the city from the east. Small thin fingers of sand could be found in the streets in the dawn light as if the desert sent tentacles to begin the assault. Shopkeepers and housewives alike plied their brooms beating back the insidious grains. Emily stopped in the still air to watch the sun sink below the horizon. She stood at the edge of the ancient stone quay high above the rocks where the waves lapped. As the sun sank and the light faded she felt a hand on her back. Before she could turn to rebuff the contact, the force of the touch sent her off her feet and over the edge into the dark and silent nothing below.

Oh, this I like. I found a new writer's program, Writer's Cafe, that I downloaded a demo of. I think I'll transfer this to the Pinboard page and see what I can make of it. Enjoy your day.

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