Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Fast Day

Today was my only day off and, man, did it fly by! I whipped up what I think might be my best batch of red pepper hummus today; it's real garlicky and just the right texture. It's going to make lovely lunch sandwiches spread on toasted whole wheat pita halves with sliced cukes and Roma tomatoes on top. I need to make delicious food so I can stay with my plan to get fit and lose some weight. Durwood is the king of making suppers that make me want to come home from work. We're eating lots of fresh veggies and chicken, and fresh fruits. We are getting so healthy it's not even funny.

February 20--Tenerife, Spain. The steam coming from the vent slit near the top of Mt. Teide on Tenerife made all the scientists on the island very happy. That wisp of steam in the blue sky meant that molten rock, magma, was moving in the mountain. Of course it didn't take a scientist to figure that out. For weeks the ground had shook and heaved. Diego had brushed fine ash off his crops and even his meals had an unappetizing grittiness.

--and then I fell asleep, pencil on the page, ready for inspiration to wake me up. Instead Durwood climbed in bed, took away my writing toys and my glasses, shut out the light, and that was all she wrote. I'm hoping to do better tonight.

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