Saturday, December 3, 2016

Not Quite a Hawk...

... but we were glad to see the Cardinal at the platform feeder.  He's not quite as bright a red as he is in the summer but on this drab and dreary day any spot of red will do, don't you think?

Last night at Friday Night Knitting I added eyes and a nose to the Mitten Bear, and made the executive decision not to delineate three toes on each paw.  It seemed like a lot of putzy work that was doomed to be undone as soon as playing with him commenced.  Imagine toes, please.

Then I crocheted the Mitten Rabbit.  The ears curled into themselves and LB suggested putting some pink yarn on the inside of the ears.  I did that when I got home, just weaved it back and forth, and it worked like a charm to keep them extended.  Thanks, LB!  This is one funny looking rabbit, I think, but he has a certain charm, not least of which is his poofy white tail, but it might also be his bucktoothed grin.

Months ago I lent my shoebox of embroidery floss and hoops to a friend and she returned it last night--with a bonus thank you of a pair of hand knit slippers.  My tootsies will be toasty this winter.  Thanks, FW!  (I'll send a real, in-the-mail, thank you note to her real soon.  Anyone who gets one of those from me can thank HZ for that; she's the reason I remember my manners.)  I want to try sashiko mending on my beloved red hoodie.  Yes, I ordered a replacement that came last week, one without frayed cuffs and holey sleeves, but I'm intrigued by the visible mending trend and thought that'd be a good place to start.  I need my floss for that.  But I promise (cross my heart) that I won't plunge into that until the last Mitten animal is done and the big white mitten is knitted.  Really.  I won't.  I mean it.  (no, my fingers aren't crossed)

December 3--Dan McGarrah, Couple on Beach.  I could see them from my porch.  My house is on the top of the bluff overlooking the shore and the western horizon.  A lot of people walked along there but few of them looked up.  They looked out to sea or up the beach but only rarely did someone raise their gaze to the bluff top.  My perch gave me a peek at people at their most natural--the lovers, arms entwined, pausing to kiss in golden sunset light, the runners with their looks of pained concentration.  Today's couple might have been lovers once but they weren't now.  Even from this far away I could see that they were fighting.  All at once he backhanded her so hard that her hair swing out and she crumpled onto the rocks at the waterline.

A-hole.  Gonna bake some cookies this afternoon so I've got to dig out all the cooling racks and baking sheets.  I even bought new colored sugars and sprinkles this year.  Pictures tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Can't wait for your pics!

Aunt B said...

The bear turned out great but my favorite is the buck-toothed bunny. What fun you're having putting that menagerie together. And I love seeing the cardinal in winter -- just that bit of red is always welcome.