Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Feel Like a Slacker

I don't have any knitting or yarn stuff to show you.  I had customers at work yesterday and FedEx and UPS both delivered multiple cartons of things to unpack, enter into the computer, price, and put on the shelves.  (I'm not done yet)  I did do yoga last night, as promised in yesterday's blog post.  It might have taken me until 9:30 to get off my butt and do it, but I did it and that's what counts.  I yog-ed quite a bit earlier today.

Before we all hit the hay last Sunday night SIL1 asked if he couldn't put out some shredded carrots for the bunnies that come to nibble fallen birdseed at night.  I said sure and we even had some leftover shredded carrots from the Chicken Tacos, so he got a paper plate, dumped on a bunch of carrot shreds, and set it out there under the bird feeder.  He really wanted to go out to pet the bunnies but I convinced him that they're nowhere near tame and would only run away and that would be stressful for the bunnies.  (And no, he's not five years old, he has a very soft heart which is one of the things I love about him.)  The bunnies avoided the carrots on the plate so I went out later on Monday and tipped them onto the snow.  That made all the difference.  What was once a round disk of orange is now a spread out streak of barely there.  See all the rabbit raisins around?  Proof of success.

I am so glad that it snowed last Friday and stuck around so GC could go out and play in it because on Monday it topped 40 degrees and it got nearly up to 40 degrees yesterday so--bye-bye, snow, at least in the thinnest places.

December 29--Anne Geddes, EKC758T.  She had her baby dressed like a daffodil, not just in a yellow outfit but she had a construction on its head with petals and a trumpet like the real flower...

I distinctly remember writing more but maybe it was a dream.  I'll be so glad when it's January 1 and I can go back to the art prompts of the Art Gallery Page-a-day calendar.  Art is easier to make a story about.  Can you believe that Debbie Reynolds died yesterday, only a day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher?  So sad to lose both of them at once. Time to trot off to the dive shop.

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