Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Easy To Get Out Of Your Routine

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday.  I guess not blogging over the weekend got me out of the habit.  I have a list of bad habits I'd like to jettison that easily but evidently it's only good habits that go away so fast.  (I haven't yoga-ed since Sunday either.  I will tonight, cross my heart.)

On Saturday when I was standing out waiting for the flyover that never came, a House Finch perched in the bare apple tree and serenaded me.  So I took his picture.  Look how pale his usually dark pink breast is.  The Goldfinches are a muddy avocado color in winter.  I know spring is on the way when their feathers start turning back to their bright, looking-for-love colors.

I'm up to the toe decreased on Anklet #5.  I really like how the back half of the sock is pale gray and the foot part is dark gray into black.

I saw this idea on Facebook a couple weeks back so was on the lookout for a good jar in Goodwill last Friday night.  I found this one for 2 bucks.  It's called a Good Things jar.  Starting January 1 you write good things that happen on slips of paper, put them in the jar all year, and then dump them out to read on December 31.  I think this is a great idea because we all can easily remember the bad things that happen but often forget the good.  Doing this should help.

Last night I packaged the leftover green beans almondine and carrots with bacon and onions in Tupperware and shoved it all into the freezer so we can have it over the winter.  I kept one container of the carrots out to add to the remaining beef stew which seems under-carrot-ed to me now that we're at the tail end of it.  Besides putting the carrots in will stretch what's left into two more generous suppers instead of two low meat, nearly no veggies plates of delicious gravy.  Durwood's a big fan of lakes of gravy on his plate, I'm not, so extra veggies wins.

December 28--Julie Gang.  He looked like a cherub with his chubby cheeks, blue eyes, and curly hair but Lucy discovered very quickly that her lab partner, Abe, was no angel.  He might have been easier to deal with if he was a slacker but he was smart.  He worked out alternate formulae and processes using the same chemicals that everyone else had but their corner of the lab was usually screened from the rest of the classroom by clouds of smoke in various colors and gradation of lethality.  Nothing she did or said convinced him to just follow directions.

Well, time for lunch.  I made myself some GC-style ham sandwiches for lunch this week--ham on a burger bun with mayo and mustard.  Yum.  Grandsons can be good examples, especially when it comes to food.

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