Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We Have a Tomato!

It's only as big as the end joint of my pinkie but there it is on the Early Girl plant just as plain as day, all perky and green with lots more flowers ready to turn into tomatoes too.  Yay!

The blueberries are very happy with the care they're getting this year.  There are more berries on the plants than ever before.  Hooray!

The Oriental poppies are fading.  They bloom for such a short time, then they're gone.  Boo.  But I just looked up the difference between Oriental poppies and opium poppies and it seems that their leaves are very different, Oriental poppies are perennials, opium poppies are annuals, and the Orientals hold their petals longer than the opium, although opium poppy seeds are "perfectly safe to eat."  Yeah, pull the other one.

I decided to try knitting an anklet like those black and white ones I did over the winter, out of the cotton/elastic yarn I use to make ankle socks, so I cast on yesterday and look how far I got.  I hope the elastic in the yarn keeps the sock from sagging in my shoe.

The medical supply place brought Durwood a new oxygen concentrator with a bonus machine on top that you use to fill tanks.  A guy's supposed to come this morning to show me how to do it.  Good thing I've spent the last 20+ years filling SCUBA tanks or I'd probably be nervous about the whole thing.  I'm not sure what brought all this on but evidently it's some Medicare rule having to do with being on oxygen for 5 years meaning that it's a permanent thing so we have to have different equipment.  *throws up hands*  I don't know.  I try to stay as far away from the government as humanly possible.

June 13--Odilon Redon, Vase with Red Poppies.  The poppies looked like those wild girls in high school whose skirts were too short and who wore red lipstick when everyone else had on blush pink.  The poppies made the daisies look sweet and innocent, like your goody-two-shoes cousin who always got E's in Deportment on her report card and was usually picked May Queen in school even though you knew you would have looked better in the Madonna-blue cape and imitation pearl tiara.  It wasn't the flowers' fault that the poppies were top heavy so they lolled and drooped over the edge of the vase while the daisies stood up straight and clustered in the center.  A few of them leaned to the side but most of the daisies just stood there staring up at the ceiling.  Mae tried over and over to get the flowers to work together but she finally gave them each their own vase and put them both in the center of the table.

We had a whale of a rainstorm last night with far off thunder and lightning and it's kind of clouding up right now.  At least it's a little cooler today, probably no less humid but I can't have everything.  And I'm not sure why not.

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Aunt B said...

Your flowers say springtime but the tomatoes and blueberries say SUMMER. And it sounds like your weather says summer too. We're tired of rain down here. What would we do without A/C?