Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm Coming to Dislike My Days Off

Not because I want to go to work every day.  No, because I try to cram so many to-dos in them that I get so tired that I'm ready for bed by 8:30.  Retiring is going to fix that--eventually.  I have no illusions that I won't continue to run around like a crazed weasel for a few days or weeks but I'm hoping that once I get used to having all the days off, I'll quit trying to get so many things done in one day.  Hopefully.

Look at how gorgeous my little lettuces are.  They're buttercrunch aka butterhead lettuce so they'll be a little rosette of yummy lettuce.  I should probably get more lettuce seeds so I can reseed them once we eat what's there and the heat of full summer is past.  Maybe I'll get some radish seeds and give those a chance in the bare spots...  One of the basils didn't make it but I suspect that there're no more basil plants to be had.  They sell out early.  Good thing one of the basils is making it.  Hmm, maybe I can find some basil seeds...

The poppies are starting to open.  Look at this swirl of petals.  By the time the sun hit the garden the flower was fully open.  There are a few buds on the peonies.  I really should transplant them into a spot where they get more sun; they'd do better.  Maybe this weekend.  And in the front of the house the last remaining Asiatic lily is just about ready to flower.  I planted a whole raft of lilies a few years back and this one and one Stargazer are all that's left.  I suspect rabbits eat them, the dirty little fiends.

I hung up this birdhouse again.  I've hung this birdhouse every year for years and not once has a bird made a nest in it.  Hornets or wasps do, but not birds.  Trying again.  Oh, and one of yesterday's to-dos was to fix the leaky fountain so all of the water didn't drip out through the day leaving the pump high and dry and burning it out.  I fixed the leak, the pump worked fine, everyone was happy.  I plugged it in this morning, it ran, and then Durwood said, "Did you plug in the pump?"  I checked the plug at the wall, the extension cord, and declared it dead.  (but I just realized that it's a GFI outlet.  I should check that too)  I had another pump downstairs (evidently I keep everything just in case) but it looks like it needs a hose with a wider diameter; I'll see what's what tonight after work.  Maybe I can make something work.

June 7--Hans Holbein the Younger, A Courtier of King Henry VIII.  Henry dressed with care, putting on his new silk neck scarf and red satin coat with "H R" embroidered in black with gold thread accents on the front.  His life should have been smooth, after all he was named for the king, but no one in court had a moment's peace.  Too often an innocent remark or a look in the wrong direction earned His Majesty's wrath.  Henry resolved to try to stay in the shadows, to move on the margins of the court, and keep his eyes and his tongue under control at all times.

Good luck with that, Hank.  Hey, it's DIL1's birthday today.  If you know who I mean and if you see her today, wish her a Happy Birthday.  She should get birthday wishes from everyone, she deserves it.  She's swell and I'm so happy that she's ours.  I'm off.

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Aunt B said...

No wonder the birds don't build in that birdhouse. It looks too scary!! But it's a neat garden ornament to remind you of the ocean. I get it! We have a partial ocean on the golf course. Enormous wind and rain yesterday. But sunshine today -- and I'm going out to a new consignment store. Yay!