Thursday, June 1, 2017


When my brother, TW, was small, outside was where he wanted to be and often when he stepped out the door he'd say, "sa-sigh" like he'd just stepped into paradise.  "Sa-sigh" was his three-year-old way of saying "outside" and, as you can tell, it's really stuck with me.  It's what I thought when I stepped out into the glorious morning today.  The sun was peering through the leaves of the trees up the hill out of a clear blue sky.

There's a green fuzz of carrot sprouts on the bale and you can see that I'm terrible at evenly spreading out lettuce seeds.  Hopefully I can use toothpicks to separate and spread them out a bit.

The blueberries have a few late-blooming flowers on them and the chive blossoms are ready to pop.

In the floral department, the old honeysuckle (a relic of Dad's family farm in Indiana, I'll keep it going as long as I can) has a few flowers on it and the poppy buds are bigger and higher.

As far as yarn news, all I have to show is the first crocheted mitten for the Advent Garland.  I had to learn new techniques to finish this one.  Front post double crochet and back post double crochet--not difficult at all but thank god for YouTube and all the crafters who take the time to video, narrate, and post their how-tos.  Thank you, one and all.

June 1--Arslan Tash (Hadatu), Syria, Sphinx, Furniture Fragment.  It wasn't the most comfortable chair she'd ever sat in but Laura thought that being duct taped to any chair would be uncomfortable.  At least it was an interesting chair with its arms and front legs carved to look like sphinxes.  Her hands could hardly move but her fingers traced the almond-shaped eyes and full lips of the mythical creatures.  The smooth ivory warmed under her touch and might have been soothing like worry beads if she hadn't been trussed up like a FedEx package in the basement of the museum.  Roger had been acting very nervous and excited as he led her down past the labs and the old storage racks, telling her he had something to show her.  She should have been suspicious.  Roger wasn't much of a researcher and he'd never even gotten his Masters but she had let him lure her along with the promise of "something special."  He had unearthed the old ivory chair from the Middle East/North Africa area and urged her to have a seat.  Just to humor him, she did.  It wasn't until the first band of duct tape went around her wrist binding her to the chair that she realized just how much trouble she was in.  She had kicked, scratched, and screamed but he slapped her hard enough to stun her to give him time to finish securing her to the chair.

Happy June 1.  I am amazed that it's June already but here it is.  Summer can't be far behind.  Maybe I can convince Durwood to eat on the patio this weekend.  Time, and the weather, will tell.

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Aunt B said...

Those poppy buds look ominous somehow but I know they're holding beautiful blossoms. Seems everything is growing in your backyard garden. Yay!!