Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Standing In Rain Makes Your Shoes Wet

It makes everything you're wearing wet, down to your skin.  Yesterday we decided to try the "shrimp truck" that comes from Galveston, TX every 4 weeks.  It's come for 40 years, it seems, and both Durwood and I have noticed it but thought how good/safe could roadside shrimp be?  Well, there was a front page article about them a couple weeks ago so I went on their website and signed us up to get their email notice.  Yesterday was the day.  There was a $1 off coupon in yesterday's paper and you got 30 cents off per pound if you're on their list, so we tootled over after the chiropractor.  Here's what the line looked like when I got there.  Long and slow-moving.  All day long storms had been moving through and when it started to darken up I got an umbrella out of the van.  When I was about halfway to the front the rain began so I put up my umbrella.  I shared it with a much taller guy in front of me because I'm such a nice person which meant from my shoulders to the soles of my feet I was soaked.  I even had puddles in my shoes because, of course, I was wearing canvas shoes.  But it wasn't cold and I knew I wouldn't melt so I stayed the course.  We decided we'd get 3# of the XL shrimp, the medium size/medium price choice.  

When we got home I divvied it out into three 1# bags, froze two, and boiled the rest for supper.  Our shrimp sauce was so ancient (4 years past its "best by" date) that I made a quick trip to the store for fresh stuff but the shrimp was worth the gas.  Oh my, the shrimp you get in stores up here can't hold a candle to the shrimp we ate last night.  Too tasty for words.

In yard/garden news, the day lilies have started blooming.  I wish each flower lasted more than one day but I guess if they did they'd be called a couple days lilies.

In the garden, the herbs are quite happy planted along the timber and it's been rainy enough (see above) that I haven't had to drag the hose over for a couple weeks.

I knitted some on the latest hat while doing laundry last night but I was so tired (probably from standing around in the rain) that I didn't write before I turned out the light and crashed.  Sorry.

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Aunt B said...

You just cannot beat fresh shrimp right off the boat -- even if it's been transported hundreds of miles. I'm so glad you didn't let the rain scare you off. Shopped today with my new very dedicated shopper friend. Don't know if I'm going to be able to keep up with her all day jaunts to various malls around here. Sooooo tired after traipsing through so many stores. I love to shop but she has me beat!