Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Dramatic Sky

Well, it's more dramatic than the solid gray or endless blue skies we've had lately.  This one's half and half and I liked the way the sun illuminated the trailing edges of the clouds.  It was more dramatic from the front yard when that big tree wasn't right in the middle of my view but it was 6:30, I didn't have the camera, and didn't want to trudge back into the house for it.

Maybe I did have the camera because I took this picture of the yellow Asiatic lilies which are the last of those kind of lilies in the front.  I should probably go buy more lilies when the parking lot greenhouses start to clearance them out.  I love lilies, they're beautiful, some of them smell great, and they don't need a lot of tending.  My kind of flower, and I'll bet there are varieties that bloom from spring into fall.  I should look that up.  Maybe if I plant enough of them the rabbits couldn't eat them ALL.

In bales news, the nasturtium is very happy living in the end of the bale below the lettuce.  See?  It's making flowers and did you know that you can eat nasturtium flowers?  Yep, if there's one blooming when I pick some lettuce I'll nab a flower and share it with Durwood. 

On the other bale, a grove of mushrooms has sprouted through the soil the carrots are planted in.  I'm sure they came from the bale because there are the same kind popping up here and there on all of the bales.  I like them, they're cute. 

June 14--Winslow Homer, Long Branch.  The sand was warm under Lydia's feet.  She slid down the steep side of the dune toward the water.  There wasn't much wind so the waves were small, barely licking the sand instead of rushing in to gobble chunks of the dunes.  Last week a storm had blown in, had churned up the water, sending it sweeping across to undermine the supports of a line of beach shacks, sending them tumbling into a pile of planks and canvas furniture.  Lydia walked up the beach toward them.  She saw a pair of red and white Chuck Taylor's poking out of the rubble.  When she tried to pull one out it didn't budge.  She wrapped both hands around one shoe and pulled again.  That's when she realized that there was still a foot in the shoe.

Done.  Gotta run.  I've got a chiro appointment in 15 minutes.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

I agree -- the little mushrooms are cute -- like a little city blooming on the bale. Hope you and D get to dine on fresh, homegrown lettuce and nasturtiums soon.