Saturday, June 24, 2017

Maybe I'm Not An Idiot After All

I spent the morning reading the newspaper and doing all the puzzles.  I even managed to solve the 5-star Sudoku today.  I did the 4-star one yesterday too, and it was even correct.  I have to wait until Monday to make sure I did the 5-star one right but I checked all the rows and columns and there was 1-9 in each one, no repeats.  Maybe I have a logical brain after all.  Maybe I'm paving new neural pathways in my rapidly aging brain so I'll hold onto the few flickering brain cells I have left.  Whatever, I was so proud of myself I forgot to blog this morning so I'm doing it tonight which means I'll probably have next to nothing to say tomorrow but them's the breaks.

The other thing I did instead of blogging was first to contact Spectrum for help getting my Wii hooked up to the wi-fi again so I can stream videos from the comfort of my sofa.  Turns out I'd changed the login password when we switched from our modem to Spectrum's.  *head, smack*  There's a whole list of "slow TV" shows out of Norway that are nothing more than a camera recording mundane things in real time.  I'm watching a group of spinners and knitters try to break an Australian record for shearing a sheep, spinning the (unwashed & uncarded) fleece into yarn, and then knitting an adult-size sweater in under 5 hours.  Of course they're speaking Norwegian (go figure) so there are subtitles but it's still pretty riveting... well, maybe not for a non-knitter but I myself am fascinated.  I'm looking forward to watching the train ride from Bergen to Oslo and the three different firewood chopping and burning shows.  I know it sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry but for some reason I find it soothing.  After I got the Netflix going I finished Pink Pussycat Hat #1.  It's a bit tall but I found that by folding the freakishly wide ribbing in half it fit the way I wanted it to.  

When I was out in the garden checking to see how many slugs were lured into the custard cups of beer I put out last night (only one, dang it) this catbird sat on top of the fence giving me holy hell.  For some reason I am enjoying the daylights out of seeing them this year.  I really like their sedate gray and black coloring.  Very elegant plumage which is in direct contrast to their cat-like caterwauling call.

I was so tired when I got to bed last night I only managed to scribble a single line before my pencil wandered off to draw hieroglyphics in the margin so I think I'm going to have another stab at it tonight hoping for a better outcome.

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Aunt B said...

I am so impressed with your Sudoku solving skill. Those things are so baffling to me and to get the five star one done! Deserves applause. You look cute in that pussycat hat. Well done.