Friday, June 9, 2017

We Have a Hole in Our Front Yard

I saw it when I got home from work yesterday.  Durwood said the house shook while they dug it.  I'm not surprised.  They're replacing all the storm sewers on Seventh St. and I'm certain that Mennen Ct. is next, that's why they dug up the manhole cover that's in the edge of our yard instead of in the street.  Down the block there's one in the street, why isn't this one in the street?  Hm-m-m?

On the bale that's composting the fastest there's a forest of thin, white mushroom stalks.  It wasn't until I looked at the picture that I noticed all the maple helicopters on the bale.  Guess I'll be picking those off later or tomorrow.  Don't want any maple trees in my bales, no sirree bob.

The poppies are really showing off today.  I am fascinated by the bud hulls that fall off when it opens and look at the first bloomer in the bottom photo.  It's shedding its petals and fuzzy parts (stamens? sepals?) in preparation for making a poppy seed maraca when it dries out.  My grandma used to cut one of those for each of us and let us shake the seeds out.  But then she'd also cut off a cabbage when it got about baseball size and give it to me so I could eat it.  Mm, I still love raw cabbage.  More coleslaw, please.

I made some headway on the Helical Eenie Preemie Hat last night while visiting a friend.  I should probably measure it to see when it'll be time to start the crown decreases.  I also added an inch or so onto the Sudoku Long Strip but it looks the same so, no picture.

June 9--Robert Delaunay, Simultaneous Contrasts:  Sun and Moon.  

color color
fading to ice
white in the night
shards of moonbeams
spear the night
sunrise prism
paints sky land water
trees birds
sunlight waves
into colors
a shade for every

Well, I didn't mean to break out into poetry but I'm glad I did, I like it.  The weather's weird today, started out cool and gray, now the sun's trying to break through, and it's warming up.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 90 and very humid.  I think I'll skip doing anything outside tomorrow, just hole up and stay cool.  Maybe go downstairs and cut out a pair of pants to sew.  What a great idea!

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Aunt B said...

What nice memories those beautiful poppies invoke. The lilies of the valley did that for me. I can still envision them growing beneath that giant evergreen in the front yard on Cave Ave. Now I wonder if that tree was really that huge.