Thursday, June 8, 2017

It Was the GFI Outlet--Hallelujah!

The only thing wrong with the fountain pump was that the Ground Fault Interrupter outlet IN THE BATHROOM was tripped.  The fountain pump is plugged into an outlet on the patio outside on the back of the house.  In my head I'm tracing the way the wires have to run to connect these two outlets and it seems wacky but luckily Durwood remembered that they're connected because there isn't a Reset outside and no breaker was tripped then he said, "check the outlet in the bathroom," I did and it worked.  Next time I see my electrician friend, TD, I'll have a question for him, you'd better betcha.

Things are blooming all over.  I decided to take pictures from above today so you get a bird's eye view.  First, the poppies.  Oh my goodness, I love the poppies.  They don't bloom for long but they sure are gorgeous.

Next to them, an asparagus spear poked above the violet leaves--and got picked to go into tonight's stir fry.


The blueberries have lots of little green baby berries on them.  Lots.

Here's the first lily.  It's yellow.  I thought it'd be orange.  I like the yellow but I like the orange better.

I added a few stripes to the Helical Eenie Preemie Hat.  I'm liking these colors together.  I wasn't sure I would when I started.

June 8--Robert Macbeth, Fair Pledges of a Fruitful Tree.  Mabel was sure that branch was meant for her and her alone.  It was exactly the right height for her to sit on.  She didn't have to tiptoe or stoop, just turn her back and sit with full confidence that it was there to catch her.  In the spring the branches all around were full of the palest pink blossoms.  Each one promised to produce a perfect, sweet apple and their fragrance drew bees from the entire county.  The bees diligently buzzed from flower to flower making certain that every blossom was pollinated.  No apple blossom escaped on their watch.  Mabel's faithful hounds, Reliant and Bosco, lay at her feet not chasing the rabbits that hopped by nibbled the sweet grass as they went, although Bosco would moan if one came particularly close.

The avocados are still making leaves.  The smaller one with two stems lost all but one of its leaves but is making a comeback, at least one stem is.  The larger one is growing taller.  I think I was supposed to snip the terminal bud a few inches ago to encourage branching.  I might do that one of these days or just see how tall it'll get.  Working today--7 left after today--and I've got to get some tanks on the way so I'd better scoot.

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Aunt B said...

Birds-eye views are good. And what colors -- the red poppy, the yellow lily, green (soon to be blue) berries -- and all topped off with that impressive avocado. Growing things all around.