Saturday, June 10, 2017


Usually I have too much to say to inflict on you in one post.  Today, I got nothing--or next to nothing.

Last night at Friday Night Knitting one of the knitters gave me three skeins of yarn she isn't going to use.  Two skeins are Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in royal purple and the other is an ancient skein of Brunswick Germantown Worsted in snow white.  All are 100% wool.  They'll make good, warm mittens or a hat and mittens.  I don't really know why I said I'd take them, I have more wool than I can knit up in a lifetime, or what's left of my lifetime anyway.  I'm helpless in the face of free yarn, or cheap yarn, for that matter but it has to be cheap Quality yarn.

This morning I finished up the crown decreases of the Helical Eenie Preemie Hat and made three short lengths of I-cord for a topknot.  Some little little baby will look smashing in it, don't you think?

And that's it.  Nothing new is blooming.  We don't have any new holes in the yard from the street fixers.  The cottonwood fluff is floating around like summer snow getting into everything.  Which reminds me I need to take the hose around to the air conditioners tomorrow to spray off any clinging cottonwood fluff that's clogging the vanes.

June 10--Utagawa Hiroshige,  Yui, view of Fuji from Satta-toge, overlooking Saruga Bay.  The mountain rose, a perfect cone against the pinks of sunset.  Yuki sat on the shore boulder, her legs in the lotus position, her hands resting, palms up, on her knees.  She focused on one tree that had been bent and twisted by the relentless wind.  She put herself into the tree's place, feeling the force behind her.  She shivered in the cold and mourned the loss of her leaves in the fall.

I'll write more tonight, I promise, and maybe I'll do a few things today that'll be worth writing about tomorrow.  If I'm lucky.  Maybe I'll pick maple helicopters off the bales.

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Aunt B said...

Thank you for writing even when you say you have nothing to report. Just the darling preemie hat is enough. I had intended to write a line or two every day in my journal since we moved down here -- starting a new chapter in my life, etc. -- but that only lasted about three days. I'm either a slug or I have no imagination -- or both. But you are so faithful. You need a Girl Scout badge for dependability!!!