Sunday, February 7, 2016

The View From The Couch

Remember I said I have a cold and that I feel like fried poo?  Well, both of those things are still pretty much true.  A combo of one Tylenol Sinus caplet twice a day and some odd Rx cough medicine gelcaps has beaten back most of the worst of it but I'm still droopy so I spent most of yesterday on the couch.

I watched this icicle grow.  It's a good thing I took its picture yesterday because it got up to 39 degrees today and it's gone now.

This was my lunch--homemade chicken veg soup with a few little ring noodles, 5 Ritz crackers, ang a side of Scotties tissues with aloe.  I made a spaghetti pie for our supper and then felt too queasy to eat it.  (don't you love sinus drainage?)  I did manage to do a couple loads of wash but I didn't take a picture.  I'll do a couple more today.  I'm running out of socks.

February 7--Jack McConnell, Stone Wall and Fall Foliage.  The field on the other side of the wall rose and dipped like ocean waves all the way to the edge of the woods.  The autumn sunshine poured golden light on the stubble left after the harvest.  Jane watched birds pecking for fallen grains.  They flew a few feet, up and over each other like a game of leap frog, systematically gleaning what the reapers missed.

Okay, I've reached my limit.  Time to go toss some dirty clothes in the washer.  I think I'll doze through the game.

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Aunt B said...

Well, the game was a good one to snooze through. Sorry the Panthers lost but happy for Peyton. There's always next year -- for Cam, that is. Peyton can now ride off into the sunset a happy man! Hope your cold rides off into the sunset too!