Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snowing to Beat the Band

I know I said I wasn't going to blog today but Snowstorm Bucky (on the local stations) or Snowstorm Kayla (on the Weather Channel) has arrived.  This is how it looked this morning...

This is how it looked about 3:30 this afternoon after it had been snowing about 2-3 inches per hour since it started just before noon...  Check out the Slinkys, they're weighted down to the ground by the heavy, wet snow.

I am confident that I will be out with the snowblower before I go to bed tonight (besides our renters leave for work around 4:30 AM so I'll do what I can so they can make it).  Maybe the plows will come by before tomorrow or Thursday.

Also I started with a sore throat yesterday, now if I have a voice, I sound a lot like Grover on the Muppets.  I love winter, also viruses.

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Aunt B said...

How is that possible???? When we're outside in shirtsleeves. We're supposed to get rain later but all that snow! Amazing. Take care and get rid of that sore throat!