Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bean Tea

Quite possibly the least pricey of LC's Christmas gifts seems to have become her favorite.  I bought a deep plastic bin with a lid, about 10# of various dried beans, and a nesting trio of plastic measuring cups at Walmart.  Then I dug out a vinyl tablecloth to put under it.  She decided that the crocheted and felted teapot and cups that Meemaw made are the most fun to play with in the beans so we have lots of "bean tea" when she's visiting.  Even Baba plays in the beans with LC.  Little fingers hide and get found in the beans and sometimes we wash our hands with "bean soap."  Songs are made up about pouring and scooping beans and we sort by color and size.  The only rule is "keep 'em in the bin" and if the beans start flying everything gets put away despite tears and protests.  Lots and lots of fun is had with this bin of beans.

The new birdbath heater is keeping the glacier at bay and the birds are very happy with the new heater.  See all of the spilled seed?  That makes the bunnies happy at night and gives me something to clean up come spring but having all the birds come really entertains us so it's worth the work.

I'm trucking along on my Fishtail Dishcloth.  I suspect something this pretty will be a washcloth instead of a greasy dishes scrubber but it is pretty (even though it's pink/orchid) and I'm enjoying knitting it.  Win win.

February 24--William H. Johnson, White Mtn. National Forest, NH.  Gloria caught her breath at the top of the rise and looked at the colors.  She felt like she was in the fever dream of some hack painter.  The autumn leaves were too vivid--red orange and yellow--and the birches were unnaturally white.  The shafts of golden, God light that pierced the forest ahead made her suspect that she was a character in a Truman Show-like hoax perpetuated by the National Park Service.

And I see by the clock that I've got to get a move on.  Enjoy your day.  I'll be working.

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