Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Not Snow-mageddon

We didn't get even half of the snow they threatened us with, about 5" according to the National Weather Service, and it never really got much below freezing so the snow weighs a ton.  Thank god for snowblowers.  I went outside after supper last night and blew the snow off the street about a car width and almost up to our neighbor's driveway, that way when the plow comes along in the night it has less snow to dump at the end of the driveway.  It worked!  I looked when I got up to see the renters' tire tracks through a small mound of snow, so I got dressed and went out to deal with it and spread more salt.  Our driveway slants so it's always a crapshoot whether my car will stick to it when I pull in or if I'll get enough traction to even pull in, so I buy a lot of salt and use it liberally.  I'm not supposed to eat much salt so I might as well fling it on the pavement.  Then I went out to knock all the snow off the feeders and fill them so the birdies and squirrels have food again.

My Monday afternoon sore throat blossomed into laryngitis by suppertime last night, evidenced by this "conversation" Durwood and I had.  I almost called Mrs. Boss to say that I wouldn't be able to work since I couldn't talk on the phone but I'm better today.  I still sound like a Muppet but I can talk out loud.

I didn't knit and I didn't sew yesterday since I felt like flambeed poo, so this is all you get.

February 3--Tom Till, Li River, China.  From the top of the hill Tom thought the river valley looked like a mosaic done in greens and browns.  The river was flat and slow-moving this time of year.  The fields were the bright green of early summer and the rice paddies looked like shards of mirror in the gray light.  He watched a small boat with a single occupant scribe a silver line down the center of the river.

And it's snowing again, but this time it's big, puffy flakes and not a lot of wind.  Oh well, this is winter in Wisconsin and to be expected.  If you're looking, a "For Sale" sign popped up in the yard of the house across the street in the midst of the storm yesterday.  I know you'd have me for a neighbor but I promise I'd keep the telescope and binoculars put away.  Promise.  Think about it.  Off to work.

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Aunt B said...

As you said, winter in Wisconsin. But it still seems excessive!! Glad you can at least talk a little bit. Raining down here and very dreary. Won't keep me from the bridge table and it's really a good day to be indoors.