Sunday, February 21, 2016

I Got Mail

Our mail doesn't come until 5 o'clock most days.  It's kind of odd being on the very end of the route, and it's even odder when I think that the mail used to come early in the day and the newspaper came late in the afternoon once the paperboy got home from school.  Things are topsy-turvy with the newspaper on the porch when I get up at 6 o'clock (grownups drive the papers around before dawn, no more paperboys and girls) and the mail not coming until almost 12 hours later.  What's the world coming to?

Anyway, last fall the storytime lady at the Southwest Branch Library told me about a children's author, Herve Tullet, who writes wonderful, engaging books for children.  These two are the Big Book of Art with pages to flip to change the pictures and The Mirror Book.  The books are less about words and more about interaction with shapes and colors and light.  LC likes the ones we have and I hope she likes these new ones.  I like them.  I can spend quite a bit of time exploring them, plus they have a sense of humor.  I think that's important in a children's author.

And for me, I spent the last of my birthday Knit Picks gift card from DS, DIL1 & LC on a pair of US15 needle tips so I can make them any length I want.  Soon I'll have every size and will stop buying them.  (yeah, probably not, but it's a nice fantasy)

February 21--Aiuppy Photographs, Lighthouse, MN, Lake Superior.  The boat rounded the point and Gale saw the lighthouse up on top of the bluff.  There was a small house attached to the tower but she was sure no one lived there anymore.  The lake was calm and she had a lot of time to watch as the boat powered through the slow swells.  She saw a flutter of white as they rounded the point and realized that someone had sheets drying on a clothesline next to the keeper's cottage.  Could this be the last manned lighthouse on the Great Lakes?

Okay.  Now I'm going down to sew those two pockets onto LC's kitchen.  Really.  Here I go.

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Aunt B said...

Those knitting needles look lethal. So I know they'll produce something "killer"! I wish I had a clothesline like the one near that lighthouse. Sheets always smell so good when they've been dried outside. Maybe that could be a project for Paul. Make me a clothesline in the side yard. But I think I've asked that before with a negative result.