Saturday, February 20, 2016

Four Grocery Stores Are Too Many

This has been one long day.  I started out before 10 o'clock at Copps for sale butter and toaster waffles.  Then I went to Sam's for Cheetos (we were almost out--horrors!), TP, Cascade, and some cheeses.  Next I came home to get Durwood, then we went to Woodman's for all kinds of veggies and a few other things.  Our last stop was Festival for greeting cards (Durwood says they have the best ones) and some of his favorite bagels.  *pant, pant*  I've got almost everything put away, except for the things that need to go to the basement.  I had hoped to get a little sewing done today but I've gotta tell you, I'm inclined to flop on the couch for the evening and sew tomorrow.  Maybe I'll feel more energetic after supper.

The Bluejays are back!  We saw these two this morning--one just after it nabbed a peanut and the other waiting its turn.  Yay!

The only knitting I have to show you is Sudoku Berry #7 that I finished yesterday afternoon.  Not very exciting but it means that I only have to knit two more of these despicable pink squares.

February 20--Rob Badger, More Trees Available.  Jana sat on the end of the dock looking across the lake.  The sun was setting off to her left, shining golden light on the the tiny islet out in the center of the water.  It looks like the place God lives, she thought, just a jumble of rocks with a pair of pines growing out of them.  She imagined the sense of peace that would come over you as you stepped onto the rocks at the edge of the islet.  How the sweet tang of the pines would wash over you like a cleansing shower washing away the tension of modern life.  She was surprised by an eagle swooping down to catch a fish and carry it, dripping silver pearls of water behind it, to perch in the tallest tree with its prize.

Durwood's watching Lawrence Welk on PBS so right now the strains of La Vie en Rose are drifting down the hall.  I have to confess I do love when they play big band music, songs that I know some of the words to.  It seems off when they play and sing "modern" songs but I could listen a long time to Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, and other big bands like those.  That and Dixieland and I'm a happy listener.  Okay, now you know that I'm really an old fogey deep down.  I have to go sing along now.

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Aunt B said...

I'm an old fogey too! The other night, American Masters on PBS featured Carole King and when they played so many of the zillions of songs she wrote (who knew she wrote "Take Good Care of My Baby"?), I sang along too. I can't imagine anyone singing along to some of the peculiar songs out there now. I still have fond memories of singing with Maralee and mother out in the kitchen on Cave Avenue as we washed up after dinner. In my mind, we sounded pretty good!!!