Thursday, February 11, 2016

Felt Great Yesterday

Not so sure about today but I'm forging ahead as if I did feel good.  Maybe being away from home is the secret?  I think I need to stop dwelling on how I'm feeling and just get on with it.

I got a big surprise just as I backed into the lot at work yesterday.  A red pickup truck pulled in with the bed loaded with tanks that needed to be filled, and the biggest ones needed to be filled ASAP.  So I pulled up my big girl panties and got to work.  See these four yellow tanks?  They're nearly as tall as me and each hold 440 cubic feet of compressed air at 4500 psi.  That's a lot.  I fill them directly from the compressor so it's slow, loud work.  Good thing we have earplugs.  Once I had those done and the guy picked them up I got to work on the other 34 smaller tanks he delivered.  Thirty-four!  Egad.  But I got them all filled and ready to be picked up this morning, and only worked five extra minutes.  I'll be running the compressor most of the day to refill our storage bank tanks.

Since tank filling is something I set and leave alone, that left plenty of time for knitting on the Hello Baby Barley hat in between waiting on customers.  I got about six rounds from the finish by quitting time and wrapped it up while watching TV after supper.  Then I worked a bit on Sudoku Berry #7 but it doesn't look very different.  I confess that I put yarn and needles into my basket for two new projects today.  Gotta get to work on my Knitting Guild Design-a-thon design.  Thinking time is over, knitting time is here.

February 11--Tim Crosby, Old Growth, Olympic, NP, WA V&H.  There were fairies here, Lucy was sure of it.  The trees were old with ragged bark that looked like doorways to places where fairies live.  Nearly everything was covered with soft green moss which everyone knows is fairy carpeting.  She and her cousin, Sybie, spent the day collecting acorn caps and pine cones to build furniture that they planed to leave at the base of the trees for any passing pixie to take.

It's one below zero.  Guess I'm wearing all the layers again today.  I'll be the one looking like the Michelin Man with the earplugs and knitting sitting in the cacophony.

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Aunt B said...

Oh my goodness!!! All those tanks!! Thank goodness you have ear plugs but that's still got to be soooooo noisy. Love all the colors in that cute hat. You should make one for yourself. Just wearing it would be bound to make you feel better. And I'm glad you are feeling better -- even without the hat!!!